Lucy Richardson

Project Accountant

Lucy Richardson is a project accountant at our head office in Letchworth Garden City, she joined through our ‘Welcome Back’ returners programme after a career break…

Tell us a bit about your background Lucy…

I’m a chartered accountant (FCA) with diverse experience across accountancy practice, banking and other industries. I’d mostly worked in very large/listed companies and was keen to see if I could find a finance role in a similar sized organisation, which could offer career satisfaction, whilst working for my family life.

How long was your career break and for what reason?

I left my job in New York in 2012, returning to the UK just in time to have our first child. I decided to wait until my youngest was at school before restarting my career, last September.

What did you do on the Welcome Back Programme?

The Welcome Back Programme incorporated 4 invaluable coaching sessions with Women Returners, spread over the programme. These sessions helped me manage my return to work and get the best out of the wider programme. It was great to meet a peer group of other returners, in other areas of Willmott Dixon and be able to air our thoughts and concerns together, with an independent coach. In addition to the coaching sessions, line managers and HR have been fully supportive of my return and sensitive to aspects that may have been challenging – for instance, ensuring regular catch-ups are held to check workload/training is appropriate and being accommodating to my requests for part-time working.

How did the Welcome Back Programme help you?

The Welcome Back programme allowed me to secure a flexible and fulfilling role in a great company, without the need to commute to London! It also meant I had a very welcoming and supportive transition back into work, allowing me to restore my identity and confidence in the workplace, after a 6 year career gap.

Tell us a bit about your role now…

I’ve now been offered a permanent group finance role as a project accountant, which I’m very happy to accept, having really enjoyed my time at Willmott Dixon so far!

What advice would you give anyone who is thinking about applying for our Welcome Back Programme?

To definitely get in touch to see if there’s a good match. You can’t lose by joining the programme, as experience gained during the programme is highly valuable. Willmott Dixon is an inspiring business with great people.