In early 2014 we signed a memorandum of understanding with The Wildlife Trusts. This established a framework under which we could access the ecology consultancy services offered by Wildlife Trusts around the UK. With a combined membership of more than 800,000, The Wildlife Trusts are the UK’s largest people-powered organisation caring for all nature.

Our collaboration provides great benefits to both partners. The strength of The Wildlife Trusts movement lies in their connection to the local communities. Each of the 47 individual Wildlife Trusts has an innate understanding of their locality and unrivalled knowledge of the local environment – knowledge which is invaluable to us when we are drawing up our environmental project plans.

Our collaboration can contribute to the wider pool of local natural environment knowledge, collected through local records centres, and help us to leave a lasting legacy. The fees we pay will be reinvested back into the local environment. And, since The Wildlife Trusts are local organisations, there is the opportunity for them to continue to engage with the site, and the new occupiers, long after the construction project is complete.