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'Ready for the Gate' Programme

Helping offenders to rebuild their lives...


  • Health and safety training
  • CSCS achievement
  • Practical skills training
  • Rebuilding lives

Our team in Cobham is helping offenders to start a new chapter in their lives upon release from prison – and it’s proving successful for them and the community.

It’s been a huge success, with none of the prisoners who took the health and safety course in 2017 re-offending, compared to the national re-offending rate of 56 per cent.

Former inmates can make a fresh start with the ‘Ready for the Gate’ programme, which gives them the skills and opportunities to begin a career in construction.

They are trained in health and safety and given the chance to gain a CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card while in prison. Upon their release, they are offered a job with our supply chain partners and are given a salary at the end of their first week to ensure they have funds to pay for essential needs. They are also provided with a travel card to get to and from work and offered a meal every day.

One prisoner is about to start work as a labourer at Falcon Green, and he will be supported to apply for the apprenticeship programme in 2018.