ALL SAFE is more than just another safety initiative. Launched in March 2012, it is a set of principles which sit at the forefront of everything we do.

ALL SAFE at work
ALL SAFE on the move
ALL SAFE in the community

All Safe principles

We share a set of principles which support our positive and proactive health and safety culture. These are:

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All organisations working directly for us must commit to the ALL SAFE culture and programme, or be committed to a similar programme. All Willmott Dixon Group businesses must sign up to the All ALL SAFE Charter as a demonstration of their commitment to health and safety excellence. All employees in a position of safety leadership must positively reinforce safe behaviours and coach other members of staff.


The ALL SAFE culture of learning and sharing information exists across the Willmott Dixon Group. Information about incidents and lessons learned are freely and openly shared in order to foster learning and prevention. Reporting of safety observations and incidents is strongly encouraged because this is how we learn and improve. Employees at all levels are engaged and consulted in order that we can continue to improve our Health and Safety procedures.

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We actively engage with site contractors and help train them through the "Site Safety Supervisor" course. During this course, delegates are taught the importance of reporting near misses and incidents, making risk assessments and understanding method statements and safe systems of work. They also learn to deliver safety toolbox talks on site effectively. Further information on this course can be found here.


Monitoring is a key element of any safety system and this takes place on a number of levels. Formal monitoring (both planned and unplanned) is carried out by the Group Safety Inspectors (GSIs) at regular intervals. Monitoring is also carried out at a local level by LCO safety managers, supply chain health and safety managers or representatives and supervisors. Our sites and projects are also regularly visited and monitored by the Health and Safety Executive.

Taking Safety to the Next Level

By adopting the ALL SAFE standard, we are taking safety to the next level. That we are learning from experience is demonstrated through the new ideas and innovations we are implementing. Our management systems are reviewed regularly and updated to improve safety performance.

Pre Enrolment

As part of the All Safe approach, we recognised that the ‘presentation style’ Health, Safety and Environmental induction could be innovated. We aimed to create an easy to use process that improved efficiency using technology. This would also allow us to reduce human error through automation. Through an iterative approach we have produced a solution that evolves with our needs and requirements - Pre Enrolment.

Pre Enrolment is an online system, providing everyone with access to the same level of information that they can use to help keep themselves safe at work. The process is intended to empower each and every Operative to make the right decisions on site.

Operatives compete the step-by-step process prior to first arrival on site. It
comprises of a data entry section followed by specific video and questions that relate to the skills the Operative possesses and the role they will be performing on site. By managing data in this way, we can also ensure that we keep personal information secure and use it only for the purposes of improving safety.

Pre Enrolment is completed by the individual personally attending site by going to:

All Safe Ambassador Campaign

The purpose of this campaign is to enhance Health & Safety good practice across Willmott Dixon. It aims to do this by reinforcing the All Safe culture in a way that you can relate to every Operative on site.

This year, Dylan will be visiting over 80 of our projects and using his story to show the value in the All Safe principles.

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