Latest part of strategy to become a zero-carbon company

Willmott Dixon has been recognised by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) as a global leader on climate change and transparent carbon reporting.

A significant milestone in becoming a zero-carbon company, Willmott Dixon received an A- score in its first rating by CDP. The average score for the Construction sector is B, with Willmott Dixon’s disclosure of environmental impact ranking the company at Leadership level, making it one of four main contractors to achieve A/A-.

Julia Barrett, Willmott Dixon’s Chief Sustainability Officer, said:

“I am extremely proud of all the efforts we have made across the company to reduce our impact on climate change culminating in an A- score in our inaugural CDP report.”
“The CDP report benchmark gives us top marks for our measures to reduce and report emissions from our own operations and products, which is testament to the efforts of our people to implement best practice as well as capture and report carbon data.”

Companies report data to CDP and are benchmarked on their environmental stewardship and environmental governance by the global non-profit, which runs the world’s leading environmental disclosure platform.

Sherry Madera, Chief Executive Officer at CDP, added:

“With over 23,000 businesses disclosing through CDP this year, it is clear that sustainability – and the data that underpins it - is not a ‘nice to have’, but an essential part of long-term success in the business community that is showing no sign of slowing down – nor should it.
“Disclosure works, and today we should take a short pause to celebrate the dedication to transparency and accountability shown by Willmott Dixon reporting through CDP this year. A 1.5-degree future is still possible if the global community works in lockstep to get there.
“By sharing their environmental data with CDP, Willmott Dixon is contributing to keeping that future in sight.”

The full list of companies disclosing through CDP can be accessed here:

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