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pallets collected from 50 sites in 2022


REduction in waste in 2022


saved in waste disposal costs to date

Pallet LOOP partnership shows benefits of circular economy

Reuse of pallets from our sites reduces waste and delivers cost and carbon savings...

Our partnership with The Pallet LOOP shows how a different approach to waste management practices can reduce unnecessary waste, enhance operational efficiency and cut carbon emissions. This is part of a shift from the linear take-make-dispose model towards circularity.

This collaboration has yielded remarkable results. So far, across the country, The Pallet LOOP has collected more than 27,000 single-use white pallets pallets from over 70 Willmott Dixon sites, ready to be re-used. For Willmott Dixon, the result has been a reduction in waste of 5,500m3; a £78,000 saving in waste disposal costs; and a reduction in CO2 emissions by over three tonnes.

By eliminating avoidable waste and embracing circular economy principles, we are at the forefront of sustainable construction practices. Our partnership with the Pallet LOOP shows how by embracing new ways of working that have less impact on our planet, we can create a win-win situation, benefitting our company and our environment.

This approach supports our ambition to eliminate all avoidable waste and divert non-hazardous unavoidable waste from landfill by 2030, as part of our Now or Never strategy. So far, we have reduced our absolute construction waste by 58% compared to 2012.

The story at Gascoigne in Barking

Willmott Dixon has sent a pile of pallets taller than The Shard back into the building materials supply chain from its Gascoigne project in Barking – where it is transforming a 1960s London estate into a modern, environmentally friendly community. The 3,974 pallets, which if stacked upwards would have been 516m tall, were removed from the site by The Pallet LOOP, an innovative circular economy, net-zero carbon, pallet re-use scheme; the only one of its kind operating in the construction sector.

Steve Kitchen, operations director for Willmott Dixon’s Gascoigne neighbourhood regeneration project, said:

“Willmott Dixon cares passionately about the environment and will do anything it can to reduce any negative impact. Partnering with The Pallet LOOP makes perfect sense to us as it aligns with our industry-leading sustainability strategy, Now or Never. So many pallets end up in skips, but this way the pallets we used to throw away will become part of the circular economy. Not only does that reduce our construction waste and costs but it helps towards our net-zero aims and reduces CO2 emissions. The Pallet LOOP is part of a new wave of eco innovation companies, creating sustainability and driving forward new ways of working that have less of an impact on the planet. Willmott Dixon has committed to eliminating avoidable waste by 2030 and initiatives like working with The Pallet LOOP will help us achieve that ambition and make a positive contribution to the future of the planet.”

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