You’ve submitted your PSDS funding application, what happens next?

Our Decarbonise Today team lay out the steps you need to take to accelerate the decarbonisation of your estate.

Step 1: Confirmation

In the coming weeks, Salix will confirm those who have been successful with 2023 Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) funding and those who haven’t.

If you haven’t been successful, while this might delay your plans, it can also provide an opportunity for us to support your chances for success for next year’s funding. We can review your previously submitted application, along with some of our decarbonisation partners to further develop your heat decarbonisation project to create a platform for a successful bid in the next funding round. Early engagement is key here to ensure your plans are well-developed ahead of applying for funding.

The window for applications opens annually, expected to be in July, so there's five months to develop your decarbonisation project to ensure it has the highest possible chance of success. We have worked with several local authorities over the past phases of the PSDS to seek funding and successfully deliver projects. The application window is short and has always been allocated on a first-come, first serve basis - therefore, we need to utilise this time now to best prepare for the moment the 2023 applications open.

If your application is successful, then congratulations (!) – we move on to step 2.

Step 2: Funding received

Following your successful notification, you can start to engage with key partners and prepare to start on site as soon as possible after 1 April 2023 and be sure to complete within 12 months. This is highly important as this is also when the clock to ‘completion’ starts ticking. From here, you have exactly 12 months to procure, deliver and complete your project(s), unless you have multi-year funding.

So, what should you be doing between January to March to ensure success?


Through engagement with key partners, we can begin to develop your designs ready for implementation in March. If you start procurement and design development in March, it may well be June or later before you get to site, providing a small window before the completion deadline in March 2024.

Step 3: Mobilisation

How can we help? Willmott Dixon has experience mobilising extremely quickly to ensure our delivery programme meets the timescales outlined by Salix. We completed a decarbonisation programme for Oxford City Council, reducing the carbon emissions across four of their leisure centres in just nine months, whilst the centres remained operational.

Oxford Decarb (2).jpg

Working with Oxford City Council, we achieved a 56% reduction in CO2 across four Oxford leisure centres by replacing gas boilers with heat pumps.

Through our specialised Decarbonise Today service, we can achieve these timescales through our established and proven decarbonisation supply chain to ensure a competent, high-quality and timely delivery.

Once the funding notification is received in January, we will work alongside our specialist partners to develop the design, ratify the programme, mitigate any challenges and provide cost certainty, ready to hit the ground running in April. This reduces the potential for any of the ‘delivery timeframe’ (April 2023 – March 2024) being lost to procurement and design development, instead this time is focused entirely on delivery and securing all of the funding.

What next?

Get in touch on the button below to let us know you’ve submitted your application and are looking ahead to January to begin planning your works. We will work with you whether or not you receive funding, and will adopt whichever approach suits your application needs best.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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