The Willmott Dixon Holdings Board

Sustainable Development performance is reported monthly to the Holdings Board which retains overall responsibility for sustainable development. Jonathon Porritt, former chair of the Sustainable Development Commission, Founder Director and Trustee of Forum for the Future, is Non-Executive Director.

The Willmott Dixon Group Sustainability Board

Our Group Sustainability Board, chaired by Group Chief Executive, Rick Willmott, drives change which helps the business address the risks and opportunities of a low-carbon and sustainable built environment, and position Willmott Dixon as an industry leader in sustainable development. It reports directly to the Willmott Dixon Group Holdings Board. Members of the Group Sustainability Board include non-executive director, John Waterman, Chief Operating Officer of Willmott Dixon Construction, and Mike Hart, Chief Operating Officer, Willmott Dixon Interiors.

The Willmott Dixon Foundation Board

The Foundation Board sets the strategic direction for our community investment work and monitors progress against our targets. The Board is chaired by Group Chief Executive, Rick Willmott, and, like the Group Sustainability Board, reports directly to the Group Holdings Board.

The Willmott Dixon Group Sustainability team

This central sustainability team develops, advises and supports the Group's sustainable development work, ensuring that strategy, policy, process and delivery are consistent across the Group, and implemented in line with leading industry best practice.

Company Boards

Our Interiors’ business and local company boards of our Construction businesses coordinate the development and delivery of local sustainability initiatives. Local company managing directors, through their nominated sustainable development directors, are responsible for reviewing, approving and ensuring the delivery of local initiatives.

Local company leadership

Each local company has a team of environmental and social sustainability managers, supported by local champions, to drive the implementation of sustainability initiatives.

Importantly, our structures provide a two-way communication which allows employees across the Group to influence the development of policies and procedures, and recommend improvements where required.

We also engage staff each year formally in sustainable development issues through our annual staff survey.