Our Sustainable Procurement Policy Statement sets out our company’s aims and objectives when it comes to procuring goods and services.

Sustainable Procurement Policy Statement

Our Sustainable Procurement Policy provides a framework against which we have set measurable aims and objectives for improvement over the procurement of goods, works and services.

Sustainable Procurement Policy

The Policy is based on our own values and communicates to our own employees, designers, manufacturers, sub-contractors and clients, our approach in a logical, clear and practical way.

Our approach to sustainable procurement is in line with the principles contained within BS 8903.

We also play a leading role within the industry, by setting the procurement policy of sustainable materials within the UK Contractors’ Group (UKCG). The UKCG has issued two policy statements relating to the responsible sourcing of materials and aims to develop a consistent approach across all 30 members, which include some of the biggest names in UK construction.

As a supporting member of the UKCG, we fully comply with the policy statements which are embedded within our Sustainable Procurement Policy and procurement procedures. There is a commitment at the highest level to ensuring responsible material procurement across all our projects.