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Building me better!

Empowering skills course and refurbishment of children's homes...

Every year, each office elects a final-year management trainee to plan and deliver a community project, with just £500 seed money. Our trainees engage with local stakeholders and charity partners, galvanising our people and supply-chain partners to support.

Read more about what our trainee challenger Megan achieved…

Our North London & The East management trainee, Megan Kennedy, created an empowering skills course for women wanting to kick start their career, refurbished five Hertfordshire children’s homes and delivered a seminar for the homes’ care workers.


The group of women Megan supported all lacked in self-esteem, so the course she designed aimed to boost their confidence. The course, aptly named ‘Building me Better,’ included stress management, budgeting skills and interview training, improving participants’ self-belief.


To achieve her ambition of renovating five care homes in just five days, Megan galvanised 170 of our people and 30 supply chain partners. Together, they provided new areas for respite and improved outside spaces. They kept costs down through recycling materials the homes already had.


Finally, Megan delivered a seminar for those caring for residents in the children’s homes, helping them understand how they can support young people into employment, whilst showcasing opportunities in the construction industry.

Andy Lawrence, Hertfordshire Children’s Homes sent a note to Megan:

“Throughout the project you have remained positive, relentlessly optimistic and absolutely focussed on maximising the impact for the children. The outcomes achieved in such a short space of time are amazing and the positive culture that shone through your whole team was always palpable.”

Councillor Teresa Heritage, Lead Member for Children Services, Hertfordshire County Councils Home said:

“So much work has taken place over such a short space of time. The commitment and dedication of the volunteers is really valued and we appreciate the contribution of all who have taken part.”

Macey one of the five women to receive the training commented:

“It all makes so much sense and I now believe I can do all of these things I couldn’t before.”


  • Empowering skills
  • Refurbishment
  • Fundraising
  • Renovation
  • Career opportunities