Hebburn Central won the Low Carbon Construction Award at the prestigious British Construction Industry Awards, which showcase the best projects in the country.

The British Construction Industry Awards were launched in 1987 by Thomas Telford Ltd, the publishing arm of the Institution of Civil Engineers, and New Civil Engineer magazine.

The object of the BCI Awards is to recognise excellence in the design, construction and delivery of buildings and civil engineering works. Overall excellence is at the heart of the rigorous judging process employed in the BCI Awards which each year assembles a judging panel of leading clients, designers, contractors and industry commentators to choose the winning projects.

Judging is not simply a matter of selecting projects which demonstrate the highest engineering or architectural merit. Decisions are made after consideration of the entire construction process from initial conception to final commissioning and use of the completed infrastructure in a timely and economic fashion, satisfying all the parties involved from the client to the community at large. Careful assessment of best practice, safety, sustainability and other key issues all come under the judges’ scrutiny.