We fit photovoltaic panels on a range of projects, including private and social housing, offices, schools, university buildings, and student accommodation.

Many of these are on new-build projects, though we also provide a retrofitting service, and Willmott Dixon Energy Services has installed photovoltaic panels in existing developments as part of a wider programme of energy efficiency improvements.

Besides solar PV panels, we also fit solar thermal panels, used to heat water.

We can install photovoltaic panels on a wide range of roof types, integrating the panels with the roofing design where desired. We have the expertise to ensure any risk issues to do with roof leaks are fully addressed, and that all quality standards are adhered to.

We regard our expertise in photovoltaic panels as an important element of our wider approach to sustainable, low carbon construction.

Tracking photovoltaics' performance after installation

We track the performance of PV panels which we have installed, so we have the data to prove the systems work.

On our Keynsham town centre regeneration project, photovoltaic panels now provide approximately 50% of the electrical energy needs of the offices.

At North Somerset Council Town Hall in Weston-super-Mare, which we completed building in 2012, PV provides ~30 MWhr/yr of electricity to help power the building, achieving 100% of the planned output in the first year of operation.

We are currently fitting a major PV system on the North West Bicester Ecotown project. The development includes one of the UK's largest solar photovoltaics arrays on a new housing project, and is one of only nine projects worldwide to be given BioRegional’s One Planet Living status.