For added confidence, we seek further assurance that what we report is accurate. These internal systems, processes, and external bodies ensure that our reporting is credible.

Internal Assurance

Monitoring performance against sustainability criteria can be complicated. We use a number of processes internally to make sure we are accurate in our reporting.

The 10 point Sustainable Project Criteria

The 10 point plan was developed as a tool to monitor our construction and retrofit projects against key sustainability criteria. The criteria are reviewed each year to ensure that targets remain challenging and that they reflect the current climate.

External assurance

We work with a number of external companies to ensure we meet the highest standards, to provide challenges, and to ensure that our systems, processes and reporting are robust.

Bureau Veritas

Our sustainability data is audited annually by Bureau Veritas. This audit will include a statement of verification which covers the materiality and quality of data reported.

BSI Standards

We have ISO 18001, ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications for our Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Systems covering various parts of the business.