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of site won materials reused


of excavated material reused

transport emissions

reduced as no new materials required

Reusing site won materials for construction foundation

Materials Management Plan sees 74% of excavated material reused

Now or Never commits us to eliminating all avoidable construction waste by 2030. Eliminating waste makes us more efficient, reduces our consumption of natural resources and supports our transition from the take-make-dispose model of consumption.

On our Stockport Interchange project, we managed to re-use a fantastic 74% of excavated material; significantly reducing demand for natural resources.

To achieve this, the team developed a Materials Management Plan following the Definition of Waste Code of Practice to reuse the majority of site won materials. Site won material includes matter that was on site before we arrived.

A collaborative effort between our supply chain partners, Tier Consultants and our design team saw the development of a robust materials management plan, enabling the team to gain a full understanding of the materials being excavated on site, so they could plan to reuse it.

As part of this plan, trial holes were dug early on to establish the properties and amount of the material. This investigation identified good quality material including MOT Type 1, which is a crushed material, 0-40mm in size and usually made from granite or limestone. It is strong and hardwearing once it has been compacted. Due to its strength, MOT Type 1 is usually used as a sub-base creating a stable surface for roads and pathways.

The team stockpiled and protected this material, which will allow it to be reused when needed.

As a result, the team will be reusing 29,847m3 of site won materials, meaning no additional soils or aggregates will need to be imported to site. This also cuts out many of the transport related impacts of importing materials.

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