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Cardiff School of Art & Design

New home within the Llandaff Campus

Cardiff School of Art & Design is one of the five schools that comprise Cardiff Metropolitan University.

We built a new home for it in 2012 within the University's Llandaff Campus and it provides extensive studios and workshops for students that includes the Schools Foundry and Ceramics facilities.


These exceptional riverside studios are unique in that every student has a permanent personal studio space to work in. The facility provides for creative, academic and technical teaching in proper studio spaces, giving students access to over 1000 choices of projects.

From a construction perspective, tight budget constraints meant our pre-construction team led an effective value engineering exercise at the start to deliver over 10% of cost savings to the original plan before work started.

Our role also involved demolition of an existing building to construct the new School of Art & Design, which is a four storey building.

It was a constrained site, with the building in close proximity to other buildings on all four sides, and has a footprint that virtually fills the available space. Our team expertly managed this, as well as the further challenge of construction in a live campus, to minimize disruption to daily life.

Dealing with these challenges was made possible through excellent project management and close stakeholder liaison.


  • Dedicated arts facility in Cardiff
  • Home to 1,200 students
  • Technical facilities including our MIT FabLab
  • Constrained site on a live campus meant careful management of logistics




Global Reach, Wing A, 3rd Floor, Celtic Gateway, Dunleavy Drive, Cardiff

CF11 0SN

Tel: 029 2022 1002

Fax: 029 2038 8206