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The Griffin School

Providing school places for the growing population in Rugby

The Griffin School and the Little Griffin Nursery have been built to support plans for housing developments in the local area. In fact, the new school is situated amongst a series of housing developments that are already underway.

The one-form entry primary school caters for children aged 4-11 years, and the separate, purpose-built nursery accommodates children ages 3-4 years.

Using Modern Methods of Construction

The school comprises of seven classrooms, a hall and office spaces for staff. The standalone nursery made use of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). The modular, prefabricated nursery building was manufactured offsite, and then transported and put together on the live site.

Griffin School and Nursery Rugby (3).jpg

Room for further growth

The school has been designed in a way that will allow future extensions to be added more quickly, without compromising on quality. This means facilities can be extended to increase capacity beyond a one-form entry if more housing is built in the area.

Griffin School and Nursery Rugby (2).jpg

Incorporating sustainability

The school has a PV array on the roof, which will provide renewable energy to help power the school. A range of external spaces have also been incorporated to allow people to enjoy the outdoors and enhance the environment including extensive landscaping, playing fields, and new tree and wildflower seeding areas.




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