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Carbon Positive

Only using 75% of the 100% renewable energy GENERATED by the building

Passivhaus ‘plus’

Sustainability ACCREDITATION


Primary School places created

Hackbridge Primary School

Creating the UK's first Passivhaus ‘plus’ net carbon positive school.

Hackbridge Primary School  (33).jpg

In October 2019 we handed over Hackbridge Primary School, creating 420 school places. Following on from our Passivhaus buildings at Harris Academy Sutton and the George Davis Centre in Leicester, Hackbridge Primary School would go one step further; having been designed to the Passivhaus ‘plus’ standard.

Meeting the Passivhaus ‘plus’ standard has involved creating one of greenest, most efficient schools in the world, working in harmony with its natural surroundings creating an inspiring and healthy environment for children. Hackbridge Primary School has been designed to be exceptionally energy efficient as well as being filled with natural light, fresh air and works with the elements to provide a comfortable temperature at all times of the year.

The project won the non-domestic category at the UK Passivhaus Awards 2023. Find out why in the video below...

Carbon Positive

Hackbridge Primary School  (44).jpg

The school has been built using a Larsen truss timber frame and integrates a wealth of sustainable technologies and renewable energy generation. The ground floor of the school is made from 70% recycled GGBS concrete and on the first floor made of re-cycled glass scree. To sustain heat, a layer of Warmcell insulation, made of recycled newspaper has been used. Furthermore, ground source heat pumps provide ultra-efficient heating in winter and cooling in summer. For renewable energy generation, the roof features extensive photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

As a result of these innovations, the school is carbon positive, only using 75% of the 100% renewable energy that it generates on the site. The remaining 25% is exported to the grid, saving in the region of £800 a year.


A great learning environment

Hackbridge Primary School  (12).jpg

Hackbridge Primary School has been designed with learning in mind with children benefiting from a natural, non-toxic environment. Outside the building features a lake with a safe jetty for observing wildlife. Connecting inside with the outdoors are large glazed doors from the hall towards the pond and jetty.

Encouraging wildlife and biodiversity

Hackbridge Primary School  (43).jpg

As well as the lake and safe jetty, wildlife and biodiversity are encouraged through a green roof. Finally, within the school’s grounds, shady woodland has been created to protect the local moths and bats.

Hackbridge Primary School  (26).jpg

Hackbridge Primary School  (35).jpg


  • The school uses only 75% of the 100% renewable energy that it generates
  • Ground source heat pumps give ultra-efficient heating in winter and cooling in summer
  • A great learning environment
  • Features a lake with safe jetty for wildlife watching




The Heights, Building One

KT13 0NY

Tel: 01932 584700