With the election on a knife-edge, Energy Services MD Rob Lambe gives his verdict on the Coalitions 'green' record.

1. Rate the Coalition government’s record on sustainability out of 10, and explain why you've chosen this number.

I’d give this Government a 5/10 on the basis that progress has been hampered by a lack of joined up policy and mixed messages to the markets preventing investment.

2. What do you think was the Coalition’s single biggest achievement in sustainability, and what single thing has it failed to do?

The coalition deserves credit for continuing to support the Climate Change Act and tackling the UK’s emissions target. The biggest disappointment was cutting the Energy Company Obligation. It was a populist move designed to address concerns about rising energy prices, but actually it just resulted in many more people continuing to live in fuel poverty, and making the market for home energy efficiency significantly less attractive.

3. What green initiatives would you like to see kept or revived by the new government?

I’d be keen to see the new government retain departmental carbon budgets – it’s an important way of ensuring that climate change is kept front of mind for all central government departments, and is playing a significant role in helping us meet our emissions targets.

4. What would you hope to see from the next government on sustainability?

Simple - make energy efficiency an infrastructure priority. Improving the existing housing stock would yield £1.27 in tax revenue, increase GDP by around £3.20 for every £1 invested and create around 108,000 new jobs – and that’s not to mention the social benefits.

5. What would you like to see from the construction industry to improve its sustainability record?

I think our industry needs to engage better with clients. We often hear them say sustainability isn't a priority – but if you start talking about reduced energy bills or lower running costs, then of course they’re interested. We just need to frame the issues differently.