Grant Shapps took time out from spearheading the Conservative election campaign to praise Willmott Dixon's role in helping improve the lives of hundreds of people in a Togo village.

Willmott Dixon teamed up with a Welwyn Garden City based charity called to improve the lives of people living in the Togo village of Agome Sevah through building better infrastructure. The company has delivered two life changing projects, a health clinic and new school. On both facilities in this remote part of Togo, all materials and construction expertise were donated by Willmott Dixon and other supporters of the charity.

To support Dekamile's work in Togo, Grant Shapps will become patron of the charity. He says, “It’s marvellous to see the work of a Welwyn-based charity like Dekamile making a real difference to the life chances of so many people in Togo. Looking at the recent school they built with another local company, Willmott Dixon, it's a fine example of how the UK can use its skills and expertise to help those in other countries who don’t have access to modern facilities we take for granted.”

Dekamile founder Rod Unger continued, “We are well on the way to take this isolated community in Togo from abject poverty to self-sustainable prosperity. Our charity touches many people as we have no costs, overheads or expenses so every penny donated goes directly to the people who need it. We have been hugely helped by Willmott Dixon supporting us on several projects including rebuilding a clinic and building the recently opened Willmott Dixon 4Life Apprenticeship Academy. Having the Right Honourable Grant Shapps acknowledge what we are doing and become Patron is yet another big step in the right direction.”

Willmott Dixon's recent project with Dekamile in Agome-Sevah was captured in a film on YouTube:

It saw the company lead a team that spent two weeks fixing the academy ready for hundreds of local children to use each year. As well as providing skills like wiring, decoration and plumbing, the company also raised over £12k last year.

Mick Williamson, managing director of the Group’s repairs company, Willmott Dixon Partnerships, explained,

“We create jobs and provide life-long skills in so many parts of the UK through our work maintaining nearly 200,000 homes. It is hugely rewarding to see that legacy also extending to this remote part of Togo.”