Company supports Institution of Occupational Safety and Health’s No Time to Lose campaign

Willmott Dixon is supporting a campaign to ensure site workers are given the right protection against work-related cancer. The company is among over 60 organisations which have made a pledge to the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health’s (IOSH) No Time to Lose campaign.

Pledgers agree to investigate whether any of their activities are increasing the risk of staff contracting cancer while at work and to put in place measures to reduce any risks. Sean Brill, Group Health, Safety and Environment Inspector at Willmott Dixon, said the firm was fully behind IOSH’s drive:

“We're working with our staff and supply chain partners on the education of managers, supervisors and workers on the importance of wearing the correct levels of protective equipment and ensuring it is being worn and maintained correctly. We have been very encouraged by the response we have seen and feedback from workers has been very positive regarding both comfort and the reduction inhaled dust."

Sean added:

“We’ve stopped staff and supply chain partners from wearing disposable paper masks. What we are now looking at is both wearing face-fitted masks which are suitable for the job to be undertaken.”

Sean (above), who is a Chartered Fellow of IOSH and a member of the organisation’s Council, said it is important that firms view the health of their workforce in the same way they do their safety.

Sean added:

“It is vital we protect those who work for us from suffering long-term illness. Safety is immediate. The effects of something not being safe are seen and have immediate consequences. With health it is different; you often won’t see the effects of exposure to something unhealthy until many years down the line.”

The No Time to Lose campaign was launched a little over a year ago. It is alerting businesses and the people who work for them about the five most common causes of occupational cancer – exposure to diesel engine exhaust emissions, solar radiation, silica dust, asbestos and shift work – and how to take preventative action.

Organisations which have made a pledge are from different parts of the world and come from a variety of industries. Meanwhile over 120 organisations have endorsed the drive.

For further details about No Time to Lose and to download the free campaign materials, visit