Willmott Dixon Partnerships has provided a vibrant new look to a local community centre for elderly residents at Campion House and Saffron House, two high rise blocks off Reddich Road, Birmingham.

The interior of the community centre, which is open every day and is a popular meeting point for the residents, had become tired over the years and was in need of a ‘spruce up’ to make it a warmer and more welcoming place.

A team from Willmott Dixon Partnerships, which provides repairs and maintenance to 60,000 properties owned by Birmingham City Council in the north and south of the city, decided to help out.

Willmott Dixon Partnerships community resident liaison officer Richard Freeman explains, “A number of residents said to us that their community centre had become dull and uninspiring so we decided it was time for a change. As we work in their homes providing repairs and maintenance, we were more than happy to get involved and make a difference by redecorating the centre,”

After liaising with residents on a choice of colours and improvements they could provide, the team wasted no time; walls, ceilings and woodwork were all painted using blue and magnolia to produce a striking but balanced look creating a more homely feel.

After work was finished, one tenant said, “We have been looking forward for a long time for an upgrade to our community centre and we are very grateful to the Willmott Dixon team. It’s absolutely marvellous!”

The centre is used for a variety of activities which include local meetings, hairdressing, entertainment and social gatherings.