Willmott Dixon Partnerships and Yorkshire Coast Homes used the recent National Customer Excellence week to celebrate achieving up to 93 per cent satisfaction ratings for dealing with the repair needs of the residents in over 4,500 homes.

One of the highlights involved Yorkshire Coast Homes directors Steve Oldgridge and Richard Adamson swapping places with receptionist Rachael Dyson, who was able to work in Steve’s office while Steve and Richard took it in turns to answer telephone calls and queries from residents.

Willmott Dixon’s resident liaison officer, Melanie Watson explains, “Customer excellence is at the heart of the service we provide with Yorkshire Cost Homes. While our current customer satisfaction scores have ranged between 91 and 93 per cent for the past three months, we never take this for granted and the job swap was a fun and light hearted way to highlight the important message of maintaining high standards of customer service.”

Willmott Dixon is the long-term provider of repairs and maintenance for residents of Yorkshire Cost Homes in Scarborough and Whitby, and achieving high ratings for service is a key element of judging the company’s success.

As part of National Customer Excellence week, Yorkshire Coast Home (YCH) tenants were also invited to visit YCH’s offices in Scarborough, Whitby and Eastfield over a three day period.

Further activities saw special forms sent to residents allowing them to nominate a member of Willmott Dixon and YCH team who they felt had provided excellent customer service.

An awards ceremony held in the Yorkshire Coast Homes boardroom saw Willmott Dixon engineer Paul Donnelly become the star performer with two Customer Excellence trophies.