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We are proud to have delivered a wide range of schools for pupils with special educational needs

and disabilities (SEND), from delivering the state of the art Polden Bower all-age SEN School in Bridgwater, to creating a £29m NetZero campus at Silverwood SEND School in Wiltshire, and being at the forefront of Lincolnshire County Council’s areawide SEND school development programme.

Our expertise is built on decades of experience of delivering SEND schools that stimulate minds and provide a great place for pupils to learn. We have delivered schools that house accessible classrooms, sensory and therapy rooms, great outdoor playing and learning facilities and hydrotherapy pools to enhance the pupils' physical and sensory needs.

Working closely with the customer and key influencers such as the architect, we take a joined-up approach to SEND school development, allowing us to understand the building, the landscape, and its interior, creating something that is a whole site and highly focused on delivering the needs of the end users. This approach ensures the schools are designed around the needs of the pupils, their parents and carers, and the staff at the school.

Polden Bower SEN School (72).jpg

Sensory learning at Polden Bower all-age SEN School

Building for all

Building-for-All-Whitepaper (1).jpg

For many years, SEND school provision has been sorely lacking, with it often siloed by specialist need and thus spread thinly across a wide geographical area. Stories of pupils travelling more than an hour each way to a suitable school have been commonplace, putting huge amounts of pressure on both the children and their parents, in addition to financial strain on the local authority to cover the travel costs.

Building for all, our SEND white paper explores some of the ways in which local authorities have tackled this challenge, with an increasing focus on an ‘all-needs, all-through’ approach as we are seeing in practice with some of our customers.