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We are at the heart of Lincolnshire’s development ambitions. Over the past decade we’ve delivered over 10 projects in the county, from creating a new gateway to the region through the Lincoln Transport Hub project and a campus for fire, police and ambulance services at South Park, to building Lea Fields Crematorium in Gainsborough and being at the forefront of the county’s £86 million SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) school programme. We love the region and being part of its prosperity!

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A passion for Lincolnshire

Right now, we’re helping Lincolnshire towns to unlock Town Deals funding to drive sustainable regeneration of the region, for long-term economic and productivity growth.

Our Director, Nick Heath, sits on the Boston Town Board and is right at the heart of moving the town forward! Nick was also instrumental in launching Team Lincolnshire and the GLLEP (Greater Lincolnshire LEP) into MIPIM, which has since helped to promote inward investment into the region. We’re involved with Team Lincolnshire still to this day, as well as Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, and champion the region as being a desirable place to live, learn, work and invest – giving it it’s rightful place on the regional, national and international stage.

Leaving a lasting legacy in Lincolnshire

Through our local presence in Lincolnshire and the relationships we hold with specialist local supply chain, we deliver brilliant buildings, contribute to local spend and leave a lasting legacy in communities - in the last four years alone we’ve generated a social value return on investment of £11 million.

Through our 2030 ‘Now or Never’ sustainability strategy, on top of setting some of the industry's most ambitious science based targets, we have committed to improving the lives of 100,000 people.

Over recent years we’ve worked closely with University of Lincoln, Boston College and Gainsborough College, holding careers talks, as well as running projects with local students and inviting them to our construction sites. Here they’ve learnt more about digital technology, health and safety and construction, as well as mental health.

We’ve also volunteered to help improve local community icons, such as when we installed the Lincoln Tank Memorial and built a new clubhouse for Trent Bridge.

Effective contracting mechanisms

Through our wide range of framework partners, we embrace contracting mechanisms that enable customers to focus on what is right for them, their communities and stakeholders, rather than lengthy and costly procurement processes.

Our presence across a range of frameworks provides customers with the freedom to choose between a direct award or competition across pre-approved framework partners. Our frameworks are managed nationally and delivered locally, enabling us to procure significant volumes of projects and services commanding highly competitive and fixed rates for our customers.

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