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Our customers

Our goal is to serve and astonish our customers, to put them first, to listen to them and to support them
  • 80% of 2017 work was through frameworks and 50% was repeat business
  • Customer satisfaction levels stood at 86% in 2017
  • 52% projects were delivered defect free (28% in 2016).
  • 80% of project spend is on companies within 40 miles of each project

We go beyond the letter of the contract, or project specification, to understand and support our customers’ aims and aspirations.

In 2017 our Construction business launched a new customer satisfaction process, to collect feedback throughout the life of a project. This has enabled us to make improvements throughout our project journey, and address these promptly. The feedback takes the form of interviews with our customers, carried out by our people. By the end of 2017, we had almost 400 interviews.

Our customers’ feedback was predominantly positive – the average score across all projects was 86%. We also asked our customers whether they would be willing to recommend us to a colleague. 79% of our customers agreed that they would.

Through sustainable solutions we can give our customers added value. For example, by using life cycle costing we identify components and materials which can reduce customers’ on-going maintenance costs. Improving a building’s energy performance can reduce energy bills. And by spending and employing locally we can support our customers’ ambitions for economic growth.

In 2017 80% of our work was through frameworks and 50% was repeat business.


Our people