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YORbuild2 helps local authorities and other public and third sector organisations procure construction projects efficiently and collaboratively.

It’s available to organisations across the Yorkshire & Humber region and the Sheffield LEP area for projects of any value and in Lincolnshire for projects over £4m only, with procurement following a fully EU-compliant process.

For projects over £4m it is also available to educational establishments in northeast England and areas of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire.

Any public sector organisation in the YORbuild2 region can use the framework.

Using YORbuild 2 is a low-cost, straightforward process and it consists of four sub-regional frameworks and features both small and medium enterprises and larger regional and national contractors.

Across all 7 regions of the Yorbuild2 framework, we are on

  • Lot 4: Projects Over £4m-£10m
  • Lot 5: Over £10m
  • Lot 7: New Housing over 10 units

The covered regions are:

  • North A (Scarborough and Rydale)
  • North B (Richmondshire and Hambleton)
  • North C (Craven and Harrogate)
  • North D (York and Selby)
  • East
  • South
  • West

Key sectors procured via yorbuild2