Passionate about leisure!

In the last 10 years, we have built over 100 pools and 70 leisure facilities for private, public and educational sector clients. We have also built more 50-metre pools than any other contractor.

Our track record heritage includes public and private traditional wet leisure facilities, theatres, libraries, museum, cultural hubs and hotels. We are committed to building facilities that allow lives to take place: where families can spend quality time together and build lasting memories, where artists can demonstrate their talents and where people can find inspiration, health and wellbeing whilst having fun. We are always seeking to learn and improve as the market changes and evolves!


Our business has 86 years’ experience in the wet leisure sector and have delivered 161 leisure facilities in the past ten years, with several winning awards for design and innovation. We’ve delivered 61 pools including Olympic size facilities.

Solutions Provider

We offer numerous solutions across the broader leisure sector including funding, business planning, feasibility, and contractual advice.


We lead the way with innovation across wet leisure, with our experience of affordable leisure building such as ARC, Passivhaus solutions, and technology within the fabric of the building which is unprecedented by any other contractor.


We invest heavily in research within the sector and can offer market trend sensitivity analysis and procurement advice tailored to each customer. We have extensive experience in advising and supporting our customers with the development, regeneration and implementation of their stock rationalisation plans.

Supply chain

Our integrated supply chain partners support us in delivering consistency, experience, understanding and knowledge. Our supply chain partners form an integral part of our team and are engaged at the earliest stage of our projects to ensure we develop our schemes to their full potential.


We are always looking for ways to challenge how the sector operates as we believe in raising standards and encouraging innovation. We work closely with sector experts, government and operators alike. Our supply chain partners and consultants ensure we are providing innovative, state of the art facilities that offer our customers true efficiency and value for money. Our lessons learnt approach challenges the status quo, our teams and the industry to always strive for better and allows us to astonish our customers.