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Performance gap

Tackling the gap between predicted and actual energy performance

In 2017 we continued our work on a holistic approach to improving energy performance. Our ‘Energy Synergy’ approach seeks to improve certainty of outcomes for customers through a systematic focus on energy performance – from design approach and modelling, through to supply-chain partner knowledge and capacity. We also carry out a short post-occupancy evaluation on each construction project, and complete more in-depth studies on selected key projects, to help us improve future performance.

We are one of the UK’s leading Passivhaus builders. In 2017 the UK’s largest non-domestic Passivhaus building, the University of Leicester’s Centre for Medicine, won multiple industry accolades, including the CIBSE Building Performance Awards, based on achieving the challenging target of DEC 'A' performance in use. We also began building the UK’s first school to the Passivhaus super-energy-efficient standard.