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Environmental systems

We manage our environmental risks to protect the environment from harm.

In 2018 we successfully maintained our Environmental Management System to the international standard ISO14001 2015 and have had no prosecutions or enforcement action during the year. However, we are not complacent and we continue to encourage our people to report any potential environmental issues they spot (observations). This is because we know that a culture of openness, where everyone recognises risk and sees it as their responsibility to address it, is the best way to prevent incidents on site. In 2018 we saw an increase of over 40% in the reporting of minor environmental incidents and observations.

In 2018 we successfully integrated our Environmental Management system into our umbrella Risk Management System, making it easier for our people to understand what they need to do at specific points in the life of the project, and to access the right documents.

We had one major incident relating to silt pollution to a watercourse following Storm Georgina in January 2018. Our emergency response procedures were followed with full communication to all stakeholders and there was no further action taken.